Partnering with the next generation of TechBio® pioneers

ARTIS is proud to have been the first dedicated fund globally to deploy capital wherever data, software, AI, machine learning and deep learning transform human health and well being.

Investments that have a long-term impact on human health and wellness

The TechBio® Convergence

We coined and trademarked TechBio not just to be different, although there’s nothing wrong with that. We wanted to demonstrate the new era of medicine where advances in sequencing, compute, storage, data management, data science, use of complex biological systems, genetic programming, synthetic biology all ushered a new way in which we would approach healthcare.

We also cared to have impact that had global reach. Our GPs, Pioneers, Fellows and founders stem from many parts of the world and represent over 30 countries. To us TechBio finally allows us to invest in companies that are truly globally scalable and can improve health outcomes or cure disease.

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Imagine an idea that can transform the way we live our lives and manage our health.

What inspires us is real impact.

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Why TechBio®

Affecting everyday people

At ARTIS we invest in data-driven life sciences companies that solve problems affecting everyday people from across the globe. We care about scalable medical technologies backed by engineering, AI and strong datasets with broad indications for healthcare and life sciences.

Flexibility to pivot

Investing in companies with a TechBio thesis ensures a plethora of indications from a singular biologically engineered approach, opening the door for increased revenue streams, optionality, intellectual property and flexibility to pivot in times of need.

Engineering-first approach

By combining the best of computer science and the powers of cellular biology, TechBio is the engineering-first approach that enables cures instead of treatments, personalized therapeutics, more efficient drug discovery and powerful AI-machine led exploration of biological circuitry.

Companies that re-shape, re-invent, and re-make industries

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